Full Scope Eye Care Services

With years of experience in the field of optometry, we are prepared for any ocular situation and we’ll make sure you are cared for with excellent service.

Eye Screening

Here a series of quick but simple ocular tests are done quickly to ascertain the ocular health.

Eye screening includes:

  • Vision test
  • Testing of the eye’s reaction to light
  • Muscle coordination
  • Or by viewing simple images and graphs that could reveal colour blindness or other hidden problems.
  • A diabetic eye screening session is a test to check for eye problems caused by diabetes.
  • Eye problems caused by diabetes are called diabetic retinopathy. This can lead to sight loss if it’s not detected early enough.
  • The eye screening test can detect problems before they affect your sight and vision.
  • Pictures are taken of the back of your eyes to check for any changes.

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