Full Scope Eye Care Services

With years of experience in the field of optometry, we are prepared for any ocular situation and we’ll make sure you are cared for with excellent service.

Eye Glass Repairs

We provide the following services for your eyeglasses:
  • Free lifetime adjustment
  • Soldering/repairs in-house
  • We have eyewear for sun (sunglasses and photochromic lenses), sports, shooting, swimming goggles and much more.
  • We handle over 20 designer names eyewear collections which include: Randy Jackson, Ray ban, Prada, Cadillac, miu miu, Jorgio, ecru, paparazzi, mango, Roberto cavalli, Anne marii, Leon max, Michael korrs, Affordable, Fendi, Mezzo, FYSH, Tom ford, Versace, Solano, SHAQUILLE O’Neal, Tehia, Pier martino, alexander McQueen, project runway, vivid, Stetson, mega, Evatik, oxydoo, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, mac Jacobs, Bianco Nero, scavin, mega, chopard, John varvatos, Hugo boss, etc.
  • Over 1000 frames online. shop now
  • Fill your contact lenses prescription online shop now.
  • We carry name brand and budget eyewear.

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